St Barnabas welcomes students and young adults and if you are new or resident to the area, we would love to meet you. During term time, we meet together to worship, learn, pray and ask how we can reach out to others our own age. With a mixture of Bible studies and socials, we have a structure of two bible studies and two socials a month. Our socials are a wide range of activities from going to the pub to going to the beach.

We meet every Wednesday from 7.30pm. For the bible study nights, the students met at the Meeting House at 20 King Edward’s Square on the university campus and the young adults at one of their houses. We gather for a drink, cake and study the Bible together.

The group is led by Thom Mallam, Hazel Murray, Isabel Jones, and Simon Honeysett, who are all young adults in St Barnabas.

This is the Facebook group page:

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Hazel Murray is our Student Worker and would love to meet any new students. Her email is