Nambeo Church

St Barnabas Church has recently twinned with the Nambeo Church, situated in the far east of Uganda,130 miles from the capital  of Kampala, as we continue our support for Tearfund. 4,600 people live in this area of Tororo. The 54 year old pastor, Elisha 0kape, is married to Veronica and they have 11 children. Our vision as a church, he said, is to be equipped to effectively carry out the commission of Jesus Christ. Approximately 270 people worship at this active church supported by a facilitator from the Tearfund partner, PAG (Pentecostal Assemblies of God). This congregation is in the early stages of its journey through the process PEPS (Participatory evaluation process).
There have been many testimonies to how the weekly Bible studies have strengthened people’s faith. The studies have become more interactive and easier by the PEP involvement, also awakening the people to use the resources that they have which in turn has encouraged them to raise funds of 2 Million shillings (about 450 pounds). In the last 6 months they have seen wonderful changes in how people are expressing and sharing their faith. The pastor is hugely encouraged that people are sharing the love of  God with their friends and family. 10 people have come to faith in our Lord Jesus and they have been welcomed into the church.
One gentleman in our congregation having gone through PEP realized that the sand covering his land could be sold to the builders. In the past he had always struggled to grow crops and could rarely feed his family, but now by selling his sand he could even send his children to school. As a thank you to the church for introducing PEP, he has now donated all the sand they need for a new building to extend the church. As we thank God for his goodness, help us to be encouraged in our prayers for the Nambeo Church in Uganda and all our missionaries, as we see the miracle of God’s love.

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