During coronavirus, children and young people remain a key part of the church and there is a wide range of activities in person and online for them.

On Sunday morning, Crèche, Scramblers, Climbers, Explorers and Pathfinders run during the 11.15am service; Sunday night CYFA takes place after the evening service from 8pm – 9.30pm in the church hall.

SCRAMBLERS: 3 – 5 years old

This group is friendly and welcoming.   We seek to nurture and encourage the faith of these young people and find their openness to the gospel can sometimes be an inspiration to all of us.  Activities include play, games, crafts, Bible stories, prayer and songs.  We pray that through these activities the children will come to know Jesus and His love for them.

CLIMBERS: 5 – 7 year olds

The Climbers group is for children who are between ages 5 and 7 (year 1 – year 3 in school).  They come to us from Scramblers once they are settled into full-time school.  We hope through the stories, activities and discussions the children will gain an understanding of what being a friend of Jesus can mean to how He can help them in the situations they meet at home and at school.  Each Sunday morning we might play games, make things (cutting and sticking), listen to a story, have a drink and a biscuit, say prayers, draw pictures, do puzzles and talk. We hope that it is fun for the children to learn about Jesus, and that it helps them to see that he is with them in everything they do.

EXPLORERS: 8 – 11 years old

Explorers is for those in years four to six of primary education.  The Explorers enjoy learning through Bible stories, drama, activities and some lively and thoughtful discussions.  They also continue to enjoy leading prayers in church  and the all-together time in the hall on Communion service mornings.   Our aim is to teach the children more about God in a way that they can understand, and also have fun on the way.

PATHFINDERS: 11 – 14 year olds

Pathfinders at St Barnabas provides fun, fellowship and Christian teaching for young people in their first three years of secondary school. We meet on a Sunday morning in the Reid Room in the Church Hall.

Our weekly teaching follows the Scripture Union Light material and we encourage personal Bible Study by providing Bible study notes.

We also meet on alternate Tuesday evenings for a games night. Where Pathfinders can invite their friends to play pool, table tennis, badminton, football and video games, there is also a tuck shop. Many Pathfinders just enjoy talking to their friends, relaxing and playing music.

Pathfinders seeks to be an active group with its members encouraged to be involved in the life of St Barnabas Church, helping with our Holiday Clubs, Easter and Christmas crafts. Members also contribute with prayers in church, helping at Craft Aid, Youth Band and Deanery Youth events.

Our annual weekend away at Wydale Hall is a great favourite and proves to be invaluable in building up the group in the Christian faith and fellowship, likewise many of our group benefit greatly from the national summer camp ventures.

CYFA: 14 – 18 year olds

CYFA meets on a Sunday evening at 8pm in Reid Room in the church hall. CYFA leaders want all young people to know the Lord Jesus for themselves. To help this happen, we think about what God has to say about Himself in the Bible, and work out how we should live our lives because of it.
We also have social events, such as film nights, and go on a weekend away once a year, to the Lake District.


Every year the PCC approves the safeguarding policy, to ensure good practice in all our work with children and vulnerable adults.

St Barnabas Safeguarding Policy