Associate Minister

In February 2016 the PCC voted unanimously to support the appointment of an Associate Minister for Evangelism.

The PCC also agreed to make this person’s role description much more specific. This was done by linking the role to the new Action Plan that came out of the consultation exercise led by the Ministry Leaders.

Updated Role Description

In addition to the usual involvement in Sunday services & pastoral/discipleship ministry, the prime focus of the Associate Minister will be to develop the church’s evangelism and outreach.

Initially, the Associate Minister will establish and lead the following:

  • a monthly outreach event as part of our families evangelism, intended to act as a hub for one-off family outreach events
  • new services to witness to those who attend our Welcome Break meetings
  • a “community week” as part of a wider initiative to reach the lonely and poor in our community

More generally, the Associate Minister will encourage us all to be more outward focused, more confident in sharing our faith and more effective in inviting people to church events, Alpha courses etc.

The Appeal to support this ministry remains open. If you wish to make a pledge but have not yet done so, please see the details on the response form at the back of church or contact the church office to receive a form by email. Thank you.

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