We are really pleased to be able to announce the re-start of Sunday worship at St Barnabas: on 6th September at 9am and 11.15am. Details are below.

Gathering together is at the heart of Christian faith and is seriously good for us as people. Humans are social beings. It is not good for men and women to be alone.

At the same time, these are unique times and there remain serious risks to health. Our worship must follow government and Church of England guidance to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19. We have carried out detailed risk assessments. All worship will involve following the relevant social distancing guidance, practising regular hand sanitisation and mitigating all other transmission risks.

We encourage all who feel able to return to worship in person to do so. BUT it is vital that anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus remains at home and worships via the internet/phone-based services. In addition, a range of congregation members have strong reasons why they cannot return to worship at this time. For children, we are creating a ‘Church in a Bag’ – a worship resource created in a Covid-19 secure way, which will be delivered to any child/family who do not feel ready to return to church.


  • New service times: 9 am and 11.15. This change is to allow the church to be cleaned and aired in between services. The 9 am service will be like the existing 9.30 am service; the existing 11.15 am service will be like the 11.15 service BUT please note that adults and children will worship together in September. We plan to restart groups for children from 4 October.
  • It is important we know who is coming to church to ensure numbers are kept at a safe level. So PLEASE inform the church office via email/phone if you wish to come to a service, stating which service you wish to come to.
  • Priority will be given to those with children at the 11.15 am service.
  • Online services will continue. The 9 am Sunday service will be streamed live via facebook/youtube and can also be watched later. You don’t need a facebook account to watch it.
  • You can also continue to access worship by phone by dialling: 01642 130011.
  • The 6.30 pm Sunday service will continue on Zoom for the next few weeks, but we are working to restart it in church in the future.
  • It is not yet possible to restart the 8 am Communion service, but we are working towards this.
  • And please remember always to wear a facemask when you go inside church, unless you are exempt or have medical reasons for not doing so.

If you have any concerns or would like any more information, please do get in touch.

Revs David and Lindsey Goodhew – vicar and associate minister

Rev Mark Walley – curate

Mel Downs and Graeme Malyon – church wardens

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