Making Disciples for Life

Making disciples means making followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. This reminds us that we should always be looking outward as a church. We are not about nurturing a cosy club atmosphere. Jesus sent his followers out to make disciples. It was costly for them and it is likely to be so for us, but to lose this focus is to fail in our God given purpose. It is perhaps more of a challenge than ever in our current culture, but that should not deter us from the great commission the Lord has charged us with. We go confident of his presence and empowering.

We aim to make disciples for life. We are talking about life long followers of Jesus. Life long discipleship has to be nurtured by sound teaching and good fellowship. It involves recognising one another’s gifts and releasing those gifts to be used in God’s service.

Discipleship involves every aspect of our lives. True discipleship means following Jesus and his ways in our families, relationships, work and leisure. It means seeing the world and our place in it more and more from God’s perspective. Our values and thinking should be shaped and changed by the Holy Spirit as we offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God.

We are called to live faithfully as disciples of Christ out there on the front line. We believe that it is as we follow Christ that we know the fullness of life that he came to give.