Brownies: girls 7 – 10 years old

Meets Monday night from 6pm – 7.30pm in the Church Hall

What do Brownies do?

Brownies have fun! Their meetings are full of challenges, games and activities. On the second Sunday of each month there is a Church Parade and all Brownies are encouraged to attend, as it is part of their Promise to do their duty to God. Once a year the Brownie Pack have a Holiday away together for those who are interested.

What to know?

A Brownie Pack is arranged into 5 groups or Sixes, each with its own leader called a Sixer and her assistant called the Seconder This gives each girl a group of ready-made friends to take care of her. It also makes her feel that she belongs to something special.

Brownies pay subs termly in advance at a rate of £1 per week; this covers the cost of their Handbooks, Pack equipment badges etc. From time to time they may be asked for extra payments for Pack Holiday, special events and trips. A weekly payment scheme for these can usually be arranged and if you prefer to pay subs by instalments this can also be arranged.

A new Brownie does not need to wear Uniform until she is enrolled and if she was a Rainbow may continue to wear her Rainbow uniform until this time (usually six to eight weeks).You may noticed that not all Brownies wear the same Uniform. There is a great deal of choice available these days, as a minimum all Brownies needs one top, one type of Bottoms and a Badge Sash or gilet for her badges. Uniform bought new is quite expensive, but there is often second-hand uniform available at Brownies very cheaply. New Uniform can be obtained via Brownies from the Guide shop (at 10% discount on the normal price) or a number of shops in town.

There is currently a very long waiting list and it is advised for parents to put their daughter’s name down as soon as possible – you do not have to wait until a child is seven to put her name on the waiting list.


Guides: girls 11 – 15 years old

Meets Monday nights from 7pm – 9pm in the Main Hall of the Church Hall.

Leader: Sue Wallis

What do Guides do?

Being a Guide is all about learning new skills, making your own decisions and having fun. Guiding provides a safe environment to explore new possibilities and achieve personal goals while making friends and having adventures. It’s up to each Guide to work out which opportunities are relevant for her, whether it’s improving her football skills, party planning or learning about independent living.
What to know?

Guides work together in Patrols. They elect their own Patrol Leader and are encouraged to plan their own activities. Patrols provide a ready-made group of friends and helps the girls to feel that they belong to something special. Any girl aged ten to 14 who wishes to, can become a Guide.

Each Guide chooses the top she wants to wear from the options available in the Guide wear collection. This choice allows Guides to be themselves but also makes them feel part of the unit.

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