It seems as if we have only just had an annual church meeting (APCM) and now another one comes along. Last year’s was held in November, but we are back to the normal pattern. This year’s APCM is on Monday 24th May. Before the APCM we have to revise the church’s electoral roll. To vote at the APCM you need to be on the electoral roll by Sunday 9th May 2021. Electoral roll forms, with details of who is eligible, can be found here.

This is not the year we have to make a new roll, so if you were on the roll last year, then you will still be on this year. However, this is a good time to check any changes you may have made to address, telephone number or email address.

We don’t know yet how the APCM will be held, but at last year’s meeting it was agreed that postal voting would be allowed this year. So even if you are unable to come to the meeting, if you are on the electoral roll you will be able to vote for PCC members.

If you have any questions about the electoral roll, please contact Barbara Edwards, the church electoral roll officer, on 01642 651818 or

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