‘Oh no, not again!’ said Brenda from Bristol. And I am guessing that you felt something similar when the latest lockdown was announced on Saturday. This is tough. So, how do we face it?


The virus is stopping many things, but it can’t stop us coming before God in worship. As of next Sunday, 8 November, there will be worship streamed at 9 am, at 11.15 and our evening worship will continue on Zoom at 6.30 pm as normal. Our brilliant leaders for children and young people are working on a programme for those age-groups. Much of our small group system will continue online. Life is tough, but God is there and He is our rock in these days. Lean into him and make every use of opportunities to pray and worship – you will be the better for it.

Supporting Each Other

In the first lockdown, St Barnabas set in place a system of pastoral care. That system is being reactivated. However, the best form of care is informally, between different members of the congregation. Please think about who you could ring or Zoom or whatever. Don’t forget, the restrictions allow us to meet one person who is not from our household OUTSIDE, socially distanced. The emotional strain of a second lockdown is great. We can really bless each other by supporting one another. Please let me or Lindsey know of anyone about whom you have concerns.

Caring for our Community

Members of St Barnabas are already very active in supporting the wider community through Foodbank and many other ways. New initiatives are being planned. Please get in touch with the church office if you would like to support those initiatives. Do consider neighbours and friends and colleagues who may be struggling. A kind word goes a long way in these times.

Share the Good News

Following Jesus is good news. People sometimes criticise faith as a crutch for the weak. But as we realise how weak we are as a society, it is wisdom to look for support. So sharing the good news that God has come to us in Christ really is good news – and an antidote to the relentless gloom around us.

The good news of Jesus is that God does not abandon us when we face trials. He is by our side as we go through them. And God blesses us by setting us in community. Let’s lean into God and support each other in the face of these new restrictions.


David and Lindsey Goodhew

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