Naomi Smith, the church’s Director of Music, will be stepping down at the end of July. Naomi has given a huge amount to this ministry and in due course we will be thanking her for all she has done.

The PCC has been meeting over recent months to discuss the future. Thank you to everyone who has shared ideas. The PCC met on Monday 4th May and agreed a strategy for music at St Barnabas, going forward.

Church is very different right now, due to lockdown. But we need to take action soon. July is not far away!

The primary aim is to ensure the sustaining and flourishing of all musical traditions across the church – both the choir and the various worship bands  – so that we offer God worship which honours Him and builds church members as disciples of Him.  We have a great team of musicians and singers. This needs to continue, grow and flourish. We are especially concerned that music-making by young people expands at St Barnabas.

The PCC agreed that Naomi has an unusually wide range of gifts and that, in future, we would need a broader range of people to do music ministry and that we will need to seek a paid staff member, as part of that broader mix.

We are planning the following:

–        To bolster the 9.30 am service by creation of a 9.30 am leadership team, led by the vicar, who will oversee music in the service

–        To recruit an ‘organ scholar’ for the 9.30 am service, who will support music in that service as they themselves learn to play the organ

–        To recruit a paid worship leader, who will lead the team of musicians for the 11.15 am and 6.30 pm services. This leader will play at the 9.30 am service, but will not have leadership of the music for that service

Necessarily, what happens will be shaped by the gifts and skills of those appointed. Work on these changes has started and we aim that the above will be in place by September.

Thank you for your ideas and prayers over this matter. Do contact either of us if you have any concerns or questions. And please hold the process and all involved in your prayers in the coming months.

Word of mouth is a great way of making contact. The advert is now out, so please share it with anyone you know, including from people from other churches, near and far and encourage them to pass it on too.


David Goodhew, Mel Downs and Graeme Malyon

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