St Barnabas Middlesbrough Intern Scheme in partnership with the New Wine Discipleship Year

St Barnabas Church, Middlesbrough is offering an exciting new intern programme in partnership with the New Wine Discipleship Year. The year is about growing as disciples of Jesus, learning how to serve him and his Kingdom with the whole of your life, for the whole of your life. It will take you on a life-changing journey of discovery and adventure, where you’ll be inspired, get practical Kingdom experience, make deep friendships, and have a lot of fun in the process!

You can expect a year which will stretch you, develop gifts in you that you didn’t know you had and make you better prepared for future study, work and Christian service.

The internship offers:

  • Service: you’ll serve the wider community, with a particular focus on the poorest communities within the town.
  • Training: you’ll receive high quality training through the New Wine organisation’s well-established programme
  • Support: St Barnabas has a long track record of supporting people into ministry and service. We will offer high-quality mentoring and pastoral support.

What we look for:

  • Committed Christians – people who are baptised, regular in worship, seeking to go forward with God
  • Character – people who are seeking to grow as disciples and in servant-heartedness
  • Chemistry – people who possess the capacity to grow in working well with others
  • Competencies – people who possess gifts and passions for ministry and mission that can be developed

Due to the current uncertain situation due to COVID-19, for the coming year, the intern scheme is available only to those who live within travelling distance of St Barnabas and interns will be expected to provide their own accommodation during the internship.

For more information, see our intern spec below and have an informal chat with the new vicar of St Barnabas, David Goodhew. Contact David via:

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