St Barnabas Intern Scheme in partnership with the New Wine Discipleship Year

St Barnabas Church, Middlesbrough is a lively evangelical Anglican church, with a long tradition of supporting generations of young adults in Christian service. And in 2020 we are starting a new intern scheme, partnering with the New Wine Discipleship Year.

Post Corona Constraints and Opportunities

  • many people are finding their plans disrupted and are looking for constructive ways to use their time.
  • St Barnabas is set in a town with major social needs, which have been worsened by COVID-19. The new intern scheme is a great chance for people to ‘get their hands dirty for God.’
  • COVID-19 has also highlighted how the good news of the gospel really is good news. So the intern scheme is for those with a heart for sharing the gospel with others in relevant ways.
  • Given the current uncertain situation, for the coming year, the intern scheme is available only to those who live within travelling distance of church and interns will be expected to provide their own accommodation during the internship.

Aims of Intern Scheme

  • release Christian young people into service and mission to extend the kingdom across Middlesbrough
  • build people up in their walk with God and in terms of future employability.
  • raise up future leaders in church, business and society
  • be open to the Holy Spirit as a church. This is a way we can take gospel risks.

Specific Tasks which could be Undertaken

Interns will major on areas from the list below, depending on their gifts and the needs of the church community. However, all interns will be involved in work with the vulnerable and in leading prayer and worship.

  • work with the vulnerable in aftermath of coronavirus – eg work with the very busy foodbanks based at the church and across the town; work with local Christian agencies caring for the homeless, ex-offenders and people involved in the sex industry.
  • work with the vulnerable elderly, both in the community and in local nursing homes (as restrictions permit)
  • running Alpha Courses and other evangelistic initiatives
  • music ministry
  • children and young people’s work
  • preaching and leading worship
  • schools work
  • student work
  • social media and communications
  • AV work
  • possible self-funded mission trip overseas or in UK

Pattern of Activities

  • September to July, with appropriate holidays, roughly following school term dates
  • NB Provisional Start-date: 5 September 2020, with first ‘Hub’ session on Monday 7 September
  • Provisional finish date: Sunday 18 July 2021
  • Sunday + 3 other days with church, 1 day off, 2 days available for work elsewhere
  • staff lunch meeting (currently on Wednesday)
  • Regular supervision + mentoring + pastoral support from St Barnabas staff and congregation
  • Weekly training session as part of the New Wine Discipleship Year (which also includes two weekends away). The training happens at St Michael le Belfrey, York, but may be online initially if COVID-19 restrictions require this.
  • Working out at 24 to 30 hours a week given to intern work + training

Key Selection Criteria

Additional Criteria

  • We’re looking for people who can be self-starters
  • Interns will be expected to live at home or otherwise provide their own accommodation
  • interns may come from a range of denominations, but need to be comfortable with St Barnabas’ evangelical Anglican ethos
  • Age-range: 18 to 24
  • This opportunity is subject to an occupational requirement that the holder be a practising Christian under Part 1 of schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010, because of its representational role.

How Interns will be Supported

  • Each has one or two named contact persons, overseeing their particular area(s) of service
  • Membership of the Wednesday staff lunch meeting
  • A congregation member as mentor and pastoral support
  • Part of the New Wine Discipleship Year training programme – a day a week at the New Wine ‘hub’ based at The Belfrey, York, two residential weekends and optional mission trips
  • Probationary period of three months

How many interns will be on the scheme?

  • 3 to 4 at St Barnabas, who will be part of a larger group linked to the New Wine ‘hub’ based at The Belfrey church, York


  • recruitment in June/July 2020
  • interns start work in September 2020
  • internships finish in July 2021


  • people find their own living costs by having two days free a week to work
  • Teaching costs – the New Wine Scheme, it is £1500 per person, of which interns contribute £500.
  • Expenses reimbursed – including transport to New Wine hub in York

For more information and to have an informal chat with the new vicar of St Barnabas, David Goodhew, contact David via:

For an application form, please contact Barbara at: