‘Walking with God through COVID’ is the title of  a series of sermons from St Barnabas. On Sunday mornings from 10th January, we have explored how Christian faith helps us make sense of COVID . The series starts with the Old Testament book of Job which unflinchingly asks where God is in the face of great suffering. We then move on to the gospels and finish with 1 Peter, a letter written to a church facing much suffering, yet a letter full of hope. If you would like to access the series, there are links below or to download our sermons as a podcast see out sermons download page:

10 January Job: What not to Say

17 January Job: Walking through the Valley

24 January Job: the God who is There

31 January Jesus: the Crucified God

7 February Jesus: the Power of an Unquenchable Life

14 February 1 Peter: Never Walking Alone – a Community of Hope

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